Box Juni 2017: Flowers & Armour


Fighting like a real warrior, but still remaining feminine? The characters of this ‘Flowers & Armour’ box know everything about that! This box is all about graceful heroines with sharp knives in both hands, but also with a little sway for romance in their heart.



Did you enjoy the books of Renée Adhieh, Sarah J. Maas, Sabaa Tahir or Leigh Bardugo? If yes, you’ll devour the book of this box. Get yourself ready for a thrilling story filled with action, battles and unexpected love!

The book will be released mid May and it is a beautiful hardcover. The story falls within the categories re-telling and high fantasy.  This book is on the list ‘Most anticipated reads of 2017’ of Goodreads! The average rate of peer-reviewers is 4.3 stars. That sounds very promising! The goodies will fit perfectly by the theme of this box. This month we work together with Fangirl Fantasy Book all the way from Hong Kong! Mandy has a handmade item for us!

We expect to send this box mid June.


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